Fixed TOC v3.1.18 – table of contents for WordPress plugin

Fixed TOC is a powerful WordPress plugin. It scans headings through the post content automatically and creates the table of contents, Fixed in the page display. Users can faster find the content they want.


Main Features

  • Creating table of contents automatically from post content.
  • Support post, page and any other public post types.
  • Fully responsive. Adapt on any device size.
  • Display on top of post content.
  • Fixing to page.
  • Support adding widget to fixing in sidebar.
  • Scrolling smoothly to heading target.
  • Indicating current visiting heading dynamically.
  • Enable collapse/expand sub list.
  • Customize freely position, size, font, color, etc.
  • Support the shortcode feature that placed anywhere to show TOC in a post.
  • Support the post that have ‘nextpage’ quicktag. See a demo.
  • Support Customizer live preview.
  • Determining which headings to show in TOC.
  • Showing a short hint when scrolling to the heading target.
  • Create your favorite style freely.
  • Set individual option for every page.
  • Lots of animated effects for selecting.
  • Translate ready.
  • Support popular page builder plugins, such as Visual Composer, Elementor, Thrive Architect, Divi, etc.


= v3.1.18 = ( 20 June, 20 )
1. Contents title tag can be changed to 'div' or 'span' for SEO.
2. Custom CSS Controller supported syntax highlight.
3. Fixed several bugs.

= v3.1.17 = ( 14 April, 20 )
1. Added an option to set a TOC width when it is none-float in the post.
2. Added an option to center a TOC in the post content.
3. Added an option to Collapse/Expand for Initiation on mobile.
4. Improved performance and fixed several bugs.


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