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As if the Internet does not provide enough distractions to prevent us from doing what we ought to do between Words With Friends and viral cat videos, Pointer Pointer is now available. Simply move your cursor–aka pointer–to a point on your computer screen is required on the site. A picture of an individual pointing at your pointer appears once your cursor is still there. Move your cursor and a picture of a individual pointing at your pointer will pop up. Slide your cursor to another screen place, and you’re getting it. The pictures are quite random. Many of the pictures are of youth pointing at the time of the party. There’s also a man on a ship holding a beer and pointing, a Baltimore Oriole pointing to the field, and a kid sitting pointing in his car seat. A hidden Facebook Like button is disclosed after you’ve seen at least five individuals pointing pictures.

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Created by Moniker, an experimental interactive design studio based in Amsterdam that was established by Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters, Pointer Pointer rapidly became an Internet sensation with none of its creators ‘ promotions. “The website has never effectively been introduced. We’d completed it last night, but we’d release it on Wednesday, “Puckey states, stating the trio was out of the office all day on Monday, and they discovered it was full of individuals talking about the project when they checked their Twitter feed at the end of the day. Google Analytics also disclosed that more than 300,000 individuals had seen it before. There were 4,000 Facebook Likes collected by Pointer Pointer. Naturally, Puckey and his colleagues were excited. The technology behind Pointer Pointer was initially created by Moniker for Flitser.org, a website that enables users to create animations with camera flashes pictures. “This website had to be able to operate at a high frame rate, so we created a special grid system based in Voronoi that can find the’ closest’ flash picture at lightning velocity,” describes Puckey.

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But Pointer Pointer isn’t moving so quickly, you’ll notice. In reality, after moving your cursor to see a picture, you have to wait a few seconds, which feels like eons, and the lag is deliberate. “Pointer Pointer’s first version was running at lightning velocity. Every time you pushed the mouse, you’d see a picture of someone pointing there straight. The experience, however, was completely unsatisfactory. There has been no surprise, “states Puckey. “We decided, therefore, to build in a short time, to force people to wait for the image. It forces the visitor to stop and pay attention to moving their mouse.

And why, when clicking, are so many individuals used to instant gratification obliged to sit and wait for something to occur? “Your cursor usually causes things to happen, but you don’t really cause anything with Pointer Pointer. We’re asking you to stand still and then we’re pointing to you, “says Puckey. “We really can’t put it into words, but this reversal of the role creates quite a main response in individuals somehow.”

“Our job tends to concentrate on technology’s social impacts,” adds Puckey. “We think we need to continually develop our own instruments and release our own projects on the side to be able to innovate for our customers. We can then apply the ideas that arise from these more experimental projects to our business job.

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