ToolKit For Elementor v1.1

ToolKit for Elementor is a user-driven framework that focuses on Site Performance, Workflow Productivity, and reducing plugin & theme dependence. Zero Widgets. Fewer Server Requests. Faster Workflow.


ToolKit For Elementor Features:

Performance Scans

Run GTMetrix scans right from your Dashboard and quickly analyze your site’s performance.

20+ Speed Tweaks

From gzip to dequeuing common unneeded bloat, go faster with over 20 performance tweaks.

Minify CSS & JS

Minification removes unnecessary spaces in your code to reduce file sizes & improve load times.

Lazy Load Media

Image-heavy site? No problem. Defer loading of media until it enters the browser viewport.

Widget Manager

Disable unneeded WP Dashboard widgets, and WP/Elementor Widgets from the frontend editor.

Code Manager

Easily insert custom code into your header, after body, and into your footer with Code Manager.

Access Manager

Control plugin visibility and what areas of ToolKit are accessible to other users by user role.

Update Manager

Disable the new automatic updates implemented in WP 5.5 (Core, Themes, and Plugins).

Server Tweaks

Apply additional useful tweaks to your server’s configuration (primarily for Apache servers).

Go Themeless

Ditch your theme’s bloat and use Elementor’s Theme Builder and Theme Styles natively with WP.

Source Code Cleaner

Make your code lighter and less vulnerable to hackers with a variety of useful source code tweaks.

Faster WooCommerce

Unload WooCommerce scripts and files on pages and posts where they are not needed or used.

Easily Share Templates

Connect with other Elementor sites using ToolKit and share saved Elementor Templates via 1-click import.

Background Tasks

Optimize server resources by tweaking your WP environment’s Heartbeat API and other background processes.

WP Core Tweaks

WP 5.5 introduced new features such as Native Browser Lazy Load and Sitemaps which may not be needed by many users.

User Access Links

Easily create secure admin access links for users to log into your Dashboard. Simply define what areas should accessible .


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